Saturday, December 4, 2010

Best Songs Of 2010

Yes, the year is not over yet. Yes, it is a saturday night and I'm home making a list that nobody will ever read, but I like lists, so let's go:

10. Month Of May, Arcade Fire
I can go back in my head to Chicago, August, 8. Arcade Fire did put up one of best shows of my life, and this one started a killer sequence of final songs. Unforgettable.

9. Dancing On My Own, Robyn
This is pretty much how I feel about my life sometimes. Like I'm this person full of energy but that ends up in a party alone. It's a beautiful song but it made me cry once.

8. Flash Delirium, MGMT
Hours before Arcade Fire on Lollapalooza, I was fighting my way closer to the stage during MGMT's set. Most of the time it felt like I was just using their show to get a good spot for Arcade Fire, but I think there were few times in a show that I felt so alive. Like the crowd was pushing a lot, and at some point, I feared for my life, but I never felt so into something. And Flash Delirium was a huge highlight. I would totally do it again.

7. Punching In a Dream, The Naked And Famous
Another song that resonates with me in a more personal level. The pace is so upbeat, but the lyrics are kind of depressing. Everything about the beat says "happy indie band", but then the lyrics go "this is worse than it seems", "I don't ever want to be here". This is me, I might look happy and I often am, but the truth is: inside I am all messed up.

6. Ambling Alp, Yeasayer
The singalong hit of their album. This is no Kids, but it is the hell of a song.

5. Love The Way You Are, Eminem Feat Rihanna
I always liked Rihanna, Umbrella was pretty much the soundtrack of my 2007, but I was kind of turned off by Rated R. I had similar feelings for Eminem. Brilliant in his beginning, but Relapse wasn't that great. So it's kind of symbolic that they came back together in such a huge way. Love The Way You Lie is such a sentimental song It's so cool when you can feel that the artists relate to a song, instead of just singing someone else's hit.

4. Runaway, Kanye West & Pusha T.
Kanye playing this on the VMAs was definitely one of my favorite TV moments of the year. "Let's have a toast for the douchebags, let's have a toast for the assholes". It's hard to think of a better way of making a comeback. Still I don't think this song is about Taylor Swift. It sounds much more like something to Kanye's ex-girlfriend, maybe apologizing for all the 'nice' things he said about her in 808s Heartbreak. Or maybe it is a little about Taylor too. Honestly it doesn't matter. The level of emotional energy is so high the this song could be about a polar bear and I would still love it.

3. Black Sheep, Metric
Last year, Metric released Fantasies and at the time I was like: "yeah, it's kind of good". However, the album showed incredible staying power, and this year I was still blasting it like crazy. I wish I could redo my best of 2009 list... Anyway, this year they released this to the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and it just blew my away. It's one of those things that everytime it starts playing I feel compelled to sing along to, and dance. And it never gets old.

2. Power, Kanye West
Kanye's comeback anthem. He's acknowledging that he is an asshole, but this is no apology. It feels much more like: I'm still here bitches, deal with it. The dude thinks he is a genius, and I think he has a point.

1. Rill Rill, Sleigh Bells
The soundtrack of my summer. For the most part of Treats, the pace is super fast, spreading a sense of urgency everywhere. Here things slow down a little bit and the result is one of the most memorable songs that I've heard.

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Indie_City said...

I really like that you chose Rill Rill because I felt like I was one of the only people who liked this song more than "Infinity Guitars" or "Tell 'Em". Maybe when my top songs are up you can give them a look, thanks really enjoyed your blog!