Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Songs Of 2009-Partial

Since I have nothing better to do (well, actually I do, but I don't want to...), I had the pretty original idea of taking a look of what 2009 in music offered us so far. It has been an above average year, and the simple fact that Little Boots in not on my list (have you hearsd about her? what? less than 10 times today?) gives one the idea of how competitive this year has been.
So far I'm still waiting for a song as remarkable as last year's Kids. Sure Yeah Yeah Yeahs tried but they just didn't get there yet. Perhaps MGMT's second album will do the job. Or perhaps Muse will blown my mind away and become once again my favorite band. Who knows? We'll have to wait for the second semester...

My partial 'best of' list goes like this:

10. Lisztomania, Phoenix:

When I decided to listen to Phoenix, I was expecting something along the lines of Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear (i.e, boring...), because all these bands have been music blogs darlings for some time . Such a pleasant surprise...

9. Headdress, Amazing Baby:

Two months from now, they will be all over the place, but I've been a fan of these guys since last year when I saw them at Mercury Lounge. Chances are high that you will see people comparing them to MGMT, but that is really not fair. MGMT is more like a big dance band, but these guys have a more, say, hypnotic sound. You don't know what that means? You weren't supposed to anyway. Just give Amazing Baby a chance.

8. Walking On A Dream, Empire Of The Sun:

At best, Empire Of The Sun is to MGMT what Kaiser Chiefs is to Franz Ferdinand. Good, but still much inferior to the band that inspired it. That doesn't mean that they cannot have their 'I Predict A Riot'.

7. Know Your Enemy, Green Day:

Repetitive, annoying at sometimes, just like everything Green Day has ever done. The lyrics don't say much but in some sense it's nice to have a break from lyrics with a 'deep' meaning and a lot of pretension, like most of the stuff on American Idiot.

6. Poker Face, Lady Gaga:

Cool people would have a problem admiting that they like this. Since I am not cool, I can safely say that I love this tune!

5. What She Came For, Franz Ferdinand:

The number one song on my, for a while I thought this would be the song of the year. Everything is pretty good about the song but the explosive guitar solo in the end is fantastic. One of the best things that my favorite band has ever done...

4. Zero, Yeah Yeah Yeahs:

This song got 2 billion remixes so far, but no one has did better than the original. It's such a hard task. This is the kind of song that it's impossible not to dance to. And the last two minutes will go down in history as some of the most memorable moments of this year.

3. Sleepyhead, Passion Pit:

The closest thing, at least in spirit, to 'Kids', this is such an addictive track. The best thing about Passion Pit is that there is a lot of feelings in their songs. Lead singer Michael Angelakos thinks like a girl and he is not gay! If I actually had any music talent, I would write songs like Passion Pit.

2. Help, I'm Alive, Metric:

"I tremble, they're gonna eat me alive..." I don't even remember a better song to identify myself with. This pretty much translates how was this semester for me, and because of this I freaking love it. After releasing their best album yet, it's pretty clear that Metric doesn't need any help but yes, they are very very alive, and making people like me much happier.

1. Heads Will Roll, Yeah Yeah Yeahs:

Before recording 'It's Blitz!', Karen O must have told guitarrist Nick Zinner: "We are going to drop the guitar on this. If it sucks, we will be back to basics next time. If it is good, I'll be in charge from now on". Poor Zinner...

This is like the perfect pop song. It's fast paced, it got a great chorus, amazing lyrics, cool synths, powerful guitars. Sure die hard fans complain a lot about the band dropping guitars, becoming too comercial, but screw them, this is unbelievably awesome!