Thursday, February 26, 2009

Music that I listened to recently

It's been a pretty exciting year in terms of new records. unfortunately, i didn't have time to hear everything, but I can say something useful (or not) about some records.

Glasvegas, Glasvegas: I was lucky enough to catch them on virgin MegaStore at Union Square. it's a very solid record, and very emotional. If you're not touched by a song like "Geraldine", sorry, but you're dead! Still, it's too little compared to New York bands like MGMT or Vampire Weekend. It's sad, but Glasvegas was the best thing that Britain offered us last year...

Superbus, Lova Lova: Anyone that played Guitar Hero knows this underrated band, considered by many the 'french No Doubt'. I love the lead singer. She's so cute and with a lovely and sexy voice. This album is not their best, but it's pretty solid. 'Key Hole' is my favorite track.

Lily Allen, It's not me, it's you: Put simply, Lily is the best woman in pop music today. Everything is as catchy as hell in her sophomore album. And I was lucky enough to go to her myspace secret show in Bowery Ballroom a couple of weeks ago. pretty good!

Papa Roach, Metamorphosis: I have to say this, but I agree with everyone: Ever since lovehatetragedy, Papa roach has been down the road, with each album being worst than the previous one. Thought that "The Paramour Sessions" was bad? At least there were some very good singles in the pseudo-emo formula of songs like 'time is running out" and "forever". Here, everything is boring. Sad, but true.

Kelly Clarkson, All I Ever Wanted: Ok, I admit I like her. While most songs here are boring, there are some pretty good moments. "I do not hook up" is very addictive. And "My life would suck without you" made something I didn't think was possible: something better than "Since you've been gone". so do yourself a favor and don't buy this album (buy Lily Allen's instead), but definitely get the singles. They are/will be more than worth it.

The Von Bondies, Love, Hate and There's You: A dirty band, with a nervous and fast song. Not much changed since their debut. You still can enjoy them for a while, but will forget them fast.

Artists without an album:

Amazing Baby: They will continue the "Broklyn domination" as soon as their debut is released (who knows when...). I saw them live last year and i'm going to see them again in april. Hope they play new songs. Very excited.

Little Boots: Knew her because she topped the BBC's list of promising new artists. She will be big. I feel it.

Wow, three posts in a week. I'm really feeling like writing these days. Just hope that translates in research this weekend. See you folks (probably speaking to just myself ...)

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