Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Stuff

NYU girls are absolutely gorgeous and elegant. Almost two years of school here, and I'm still impressed. Too bad I don't have many opportunities to explore the huge potential of my school...

I still suck with girls and I wonder if someday I'll get better. Why is it so hard to just make a move? Fear to be turned down? This time there are other things involved.

My classes are not really as good as they should be. Today Monetary Economics was pretty boring. And it seems that time just doesn't pass when I'm not paying attention. Hope it gets better next week.

If 2008 was the year of new bands (MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Crystal Castles...), 2009 might well be the year of "old" bands. I'm not just talking about Franz Ferdinand, but also Lily Allen, Superbus, Yeah Yeah Yeahs (single Zero is my new favorite track), Green Day, and maybe The Strokes and The White Stripes. Oh yeah, and Arctic Monkeys, of course. I have a very good feeling about all these albums.

In the past weeks, I was able to go out a lot and went, as usual, to a lot of concerts (even some that I wasn't that excited about), but the best part was to find new clubs and indie parties. It turns out that New York has a lot to offer in that matter. And that's really good news for me. To be able to go to a place where I can listen to good music, dance, get drunk and meet girls. That's all I ask for.

After another (!) cold, I think I'm in good shape now. Plus, school has been not extremely demanding in the past weeks. Then why the hell I'm not happier? I think I'm doing fine but that I could have it so much better...

I'm not a good writer. This post is pretty lame. Maybe I should delete it. Whatever, I'll post it.   

"You're zero. What's you name? No one is gonna ask you about it..." This is stuck in my head. Watch out, Franz Ferdinand. The competition for album of the year will be hard.              

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